Written by: brandy megens

these seemingly mindless thoughts that spatter upon my brain

as endless as the drops from a midsummers rain

not knowing when they started that leads to an unforseable end

like the flashes of a lightning storm, my sense of safety they will rend

my comfort of knowlegde gone, only bitter questions left instead

to forever threaten my sanity, thunderous echoes in my head

the options i retain, steeped in a foggy mist

certain that i remain, atop the reapers list

the footprints in the sand, washed away by stormy seas

turned away at Heavens gate, for i lack the golden key

unaware of hungry wolves, through the blinding snow of hate

as they track the scent of blood, from my wounded mental state

chilled to my very bones, by sheets of sleeting greed

giving all i have for warmth, taking much more than they need

a hailstorm of sharpened insults, spat out to see me shamed

by those envious of my virtues, that still remain untamed

there's a burning in my soul, an inner heatwave of my guilt

unable to find the shade, amongst these walls that i have built

vengeance sought by those, who's pleads were never heard

like the destruction of a tornado, after the silence of the bird

my heart ripped apart by sins, like the winds of hurricanes

boarded up and closed, forever full of pain...