Christmas Contrast

Written by: Corinne Curcio

We boarded the busy, bustling bus
Adults and children – it transported us
When a crotchety man I knew as a neighbor
Exhibited his usual Scrooge-like behavior

He snorted and snapped “Get out of my way”
“I’ve paid my fare on this miserable day
Oh how I wish I could commit suicide
I hate this nasty and noisome ride”

Now, also traveling to his destination
Was an old man of a very different persuasion
Who sang quite loudly, as teenagers laughed
And didn’t mind if they thought he was daft

Whether carols or pop songs, he cared not one whit
But warbled away – for the sheer joy of it
This curious cacophony caused me to chuckle
And I thought: “This is certainly quite a kerfuffle”

Some passengers stared, and some others scowled
While more of them smiled, there were some who growled
Which shall be your bearing this season
As you search for meaning, as you quest for reason?

For Elaine George's "Tell Me a Story" contest