Over the Bend

Written by: Shishir Gupta

My emotions you wrung and raped
and you were doing this and that with all including with yourself
that I cannot decsribe and feel
I was left numb and dead by your whiff and whaff
life has a way of making you feel done
and on me you have already one.

Now this heart piece ,a song and an art is so sure
that she had her eyes sighing over me so long before
she is so delicate and so sensuous that she make the world go round
as you stop on the bend of the road and vow to get me back
no way ,and its a dead end and you already turned over the bend.

You look irate and sad and peeved at what pushed you on your way
think hard and get it straight and get it fine it was your amorous sway
it's hard to beleive that you did not care and doled out this sad fare
and now are back asking for more like a mantle piece on a cheap penthouse store
and eyeing with disdain this dove that is nothing but all love.

So stop! and see that road and that bend
which you pointed to me days back as the end
take it that and return, keep the relationship with the ashes and the urn
it is good that I could see you and know you are well
but you did not even care if I was in heaven or hell.