Is it just another day

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Just another day 
that in God's grace - I'm waking up
and it feels OK.
I thank you Father for molding me up,
building me up,
working me up,
and every single day I must thank you!!
for waking me up.

Thy days are bless,
without noticing the blessing;
I wish all mouths will confess
that just by waking up is a blessing,
and that in the name of Christ we won’t  stress -
I'm Jesus strong and I will face it.
I speak nothing but the truth!!
the Gospel is real and I embrace it.

You are nothing but a fool!!
Schooled – mathematical screwed
philosophy is full...of bull
and when you went; HE came
and when you pushed; He pulled.

Open your eyes and realize;
we are in a delicate stage.
Be no more paralyze!!
get on your knees and have faith .

Son of a gun
that's what they say,
because I'm like a bomb -
timeless in-faith

God's spirit is talking
get your ticking clocking or your clock ticking,
lies and evil we must be blocking,
and let the Source do the walking.

Stop looking for blessings, we are already blessed!! By just waking up every single 
morning...He has always done his part, how about you my brother/sister?!! Receive 
my love, and give and share this love , and become this love as one united with the 
truth source of Love.