Her smile

Written by: micheal tomas

me sit here drinking on me pint
i see the lovely face across from me
oh how i love her lovely smile
but now she has withered away
nothing but her bare bones exposed
but i love seeing her smile at me
he hair is long with out colour
barley staying on her head
the dress i bought for me bride
she still wears today
it may be old and full of holes
but she smiles at me today
our love will never wither
like she had done 
her eyes are on longer blue
just two empty holes in her head
her lips i can no longer kiss
but she still smiles at me
gaping hole in her chest
but she smiles at me
so i drink me pint to me love
that sits across from me
to the day me die 
i will be with her
as she smiles at me