Psalms 121

Written by: Mutemwa Gideon

In the midst of trouble and darkness of the day
I look at the peaceful clouds under the immense sky
Where shall my peace come from?
From the LORD the Creator of the clouds and skies.

In the LORD I will put my hope, my trust.
For I am a seed planted in deep darkness,
Searching for water, searching for light.
I struggle to germinate not knowing neither-
My destination nor my fate of species as a plant.

But in the LORD I will put my faith, my desire.
HE planted me on this soil of the Earth,
HE shall water me and watch over me,
HE shall put me where there is light,
The light that lights my path.

The LORD is my Saviour, my Redeemer.
Even though, my mind understands the sweet way of the world,
And my heart runs and grows weary searching HIS goodness,
My nerves stretch wanting to give up;
My soul shall fear and wait for the LORD.
HE gives me honey much sweeter that the world’s 
HE shall heal the wounds I have been afflicted,
HE shall restore my life and all that was lost,
HE shall bless me with love and its fruits,
HE shall make me lift my head high
In the sight of all peoples.

The LORD is my ROCK,
In HIM I shall not be afraid.