Standing At The Gates

Written by: Jo Hayton

So scared to reach out for your hand
When we are out in public
You don't know what is round the corner
Or whose eyes may see

Our love is forever 
Played out in darkness
Cloaked in secrecy
This is my life and this is you and me

I am still learning
To deal with the consequence
The written rules
Of this love we share

The time spent
Waiting so long to hold you
And the times in my sleep
I turn to cuddle you and you are not there

The clock always ticks
Hiding undercover
Waiting for our time
Waiting for our cue

Just once in my life
I would like to hold your hand
And tell the whole world
I love you

That time will only be
When I am taken from this world
And my Mum asks me 
What I liked the best

I will turn to her and say
I was loved by my sweetheart
And for that
I am forever truely blessed..