Sounds Of Joy Outside My Window

Written by: Cody Turner

Sounds of Joy fly by my window
Without a glance or a care
Passing me by swiftly and quietly
Passing me as if I’m not even there
Falling into laps of needless people
Full of happiness and no regret
People with perfect lives and god on there side
Sadness obviously hasn’t found them yet
But sadness is inevitable
It will wait as it feeds off of time 
After sadness has had its fill
It strikes at ones unbroken happy life
Sounds of Joy still fly by my window
But now they know that I am there
As they slow down and take a look
I can’t help but only gawk and stare 
Next time they fly by my window
I shall reach out without a care
As I fall into the Joyous sounds of life
Let them lift me up in the air
Let them carry me with love to heaven
For my happiness awaits for me there