An Expression

Written by: J. Rock

I need to express a feeling 
in which, I wish to expel.

Fear is eating away everything.
Confusion is playing games 
In which, I wish it’d count me out. 
I hate to make up my mind 
Which, by the way, 
Is constantly changing opinions and morals
Based on the current information at hand. 

Why can’t things just be clear,
White and black, black and white?
Things in this world, things in their world,
Are complex to the eye,
The eye that never did see clearly.

I wish to empty my head into a lake
And watch the filth float away.
Take me back to a time
Where nothing mattered than now.
Directions would always be nice, you know. 
I know what is right in heart,
But doubt never did trust me.
Store away and ship my memories,
I won’t be needing them anymore.
To truly be happy,
The years of false teachings,
Must be forgotten.