Beyond Shadows

Written by: Yasir Khatib

Confined within broken memories
Lost somewhere in the moments of fantasies
With loss of air in this confinement
Choking on words of hatred

With the world celebrating, start of a new day
Bright sunshine and fresh fragrance of content
I, under the shadows of dark cloud and thunder
Abandoned somewhere in space, arriving nowhere

Mind pestering the trail of yellow rays
Wanting to fast forward, beyond shadows
When those chilling memories cease to exist
Under the rays of a morning sun

Impatiently awaited this day
When rays of light broke through the storms
Eyes of miraculous hope
Smile of a warm welcome

Frozen people, frozen world
Frozen time, with you across the room
And no one else
No one else here but you

Leaving footsteps to follow
Every lingering memory left behind
Wounds starting to heal
And finally resting under the rays of comfort