Reflection's Of My Yesterdays

Written by: Cheryl McCall

 Reflection's Of My Yesterdays

Pop's Has a lot  to say about  hot shots of today, To the snot nosed teens,
Blamed on parents of today

Time to hang your badge full of pride to the tune of a new tide, Time to 
salute your fellow cops Good-Bye!
As you no longer carry a snub nosed thirty eight by your side, As 
your days on the beat are thru,

In my dreams I can still see that little boy
 crying out to the "Lord for you, Still to this day he cry’s for affection as
 your  the reflection, He always seen in between the glass  
as you waved Good-Bye! 

Dad Guess I just admired you for so very long, As my heart still hides
from Love ,Must be true only the tough will survive.

Only this time my wife is along for the ride, And I see sadness In her eyes,
I must make this love survive, Or happy Trails are 
waving Good-Bye  like the reflection of my yesterdays!