Two Fingers Further

Written by: Conor Jordan

She Struggled With it, Like a Bad Dream Looming
Over The Thoughts of an Innocent Child.

As Her Mind Led Her To Dark Places She
Stroked The Inside of Her Thigh...

                         - An Uncomfortable Pleasure -

The Hard Wooden Pews Were a Cold Reminder of
The Twisted Nature of Her Memories.

The Warping of Her Religion Writhed Around Her
Sexual Promiscuity, So She Just Lay There.

                          - Staring at The Crucifix on Her Wall -

It Took Hold of Her, Her Heart Smacked The Red,
And The Endorphins Released in Their Gallons.

She Could Feel it in The Pit of Her Stomach, She
Felt The Rushing of Moistures Slowly Building.

                           - She Placed The Cross in Her Drawer -

She Didn't Want a Demi-God Witnessing The Act,
The Defiling of Sexuality for Personal Invigoration.

The Idea of it Was More Than Enough Stimulation,
The Soft Textures on Her Skin Made Her Mouth Water.

                            - She Embraces Sin -

The Faster She Moved The More it Built and Built,
Until The Pinnacle Moment Where Movement Became
Time, and Time, Became Nothing. 

                - A Universal Ecstatica Comprised of Guilt and Exhaustion -

A Smile Overwhelms Her Face as She Washes Her Hands
And Stares At Herself in the Mirror.

                             - Solace -