Written by: kristin gregoire

       I feel like I cant really take nomore
I've felt incomplete and lost since I went out the door
I'm crying on the floor, wondering why you dont love me nomore?
             I thought I had it all at one time
then I lost all I hold dear and everything I love of mine.
              It all happens too quick,I feel dizzy and sick
                      It's like everything just disappeared
and I'm facing everything I ever feared.
              Everyone just left me behind
I thought they loved me I must of been blind
         I really feel I cant take nomore pain
like I have nothing to live for its all down the drain
and all I see is rain
           I'm about to explode
I really am load by load
         I'm all cried out 
is this what lifes really all about?
       It's a stuggle everyday
tortured in every way noone I loved ever seemed to stay.
        They would just come and go
right when my heart would start to grow
Why all the ones I ever loved just left me I just wanna know?