Through the Looking Glass

Written by: Yoni Dvorkis

So I sit here in the infectious waste, wasted effort, waste of time.
Wasting away my youth, my livelihood, my hopes and dreams,
How am I supposed to handle this?

(  *   *  )

Ok fine, I look up and I do see it,
A brilliant white ball of glass,
as massive as the sun,
telling me one message, one message, one message...

Holy freaking crap!
Way too bright man! Waaaay too bright..
Stain that glass with my sins, make it darker! the light! I can't...not right now.
I don't think I can handle this.

(  -   -  )

Ok fine, I look back down and stare at my reflections. 
Two arms, two legs, two eyes,
Multiplied by billions. 
Phew, that's better.
Keep my head down.
The devil's in the details, details, details. 
No one can see me anymore...not even you. 

(  *   *  )

These people are Heaven's messengers, all of them angels, but not to me. 
I overlook the obvious on a regular basis...I overlook love.
It's just sooooo much easier that way...
You tell me am I supposed to handle this?

(  0   0  )

Really? Why, who are all these people? 
Do they come from the ball of glass? 
Do I?
The glass, the stains, the light...
Why is it so bright?
Why is it so bright?
For the Love of God, why is it so freaking bright!

...oh wait...

Ok fine, have it your way.