Written by: Ebai Ayuk Nkem

I wake up this morning
My mind a turning
‘T is my last day of twenty
Thirty is mine at the next dawning
Yet without check spurs on the time

‘T seems teen days were yesterday
Yet fifty’s days seem not far away
Methinks, I’m plagued by aging
Man I’m still to commit by engaging
Yet without break runs on the time

Time flies by in so swift a manner
Where it proceeds to, I always wonder;
A decade only of childhood laughter,
Two decades only of careless chatter,
Still without halt spurs on the time

All gone now and in its tracks
A wariness of life’s path untried. 
I think of my aspect in two score years time,
Crinkled with wrinkles, and crooked by time.
Yet without rush moves on the time

Nay, prior to the close of life’s batters
Will I think again the good joyous times,
When all my care was for eating on time.
Ah, it’s past midday and I’m yet to dine
Yet without fault travels the time