coffee with my heart

Written by: Blythe Journey

My heart and I sat for coffee
we had a nice chat
discussed her recent behavior
and my disappointment in her
she appeared full 
happy with herself
as i scolded her throwing 
caution to the wind
i laid down the law
went over the rules AGAIN
only to look up and find
her with a glassy stare
behind her rose colored glasses
she just didn't engage in my
talking some sense in to her
well......i say to her
i guess caution and sense
don't always make for good living
caution probably never had 
butterflies in his stomach and
sense most certainly never
stared directly into anothers eyes
until just the gaze 
could take her to ecstasy
so nevermind how you may break
i say as she is clearly deaf to me
nevermind you weren't supposed
to get involved
i will have common sense stay 
with you when it all ends
he is good at making coffee
did you say you take cream and sugar?