my heart forgets to breath

Written by: Blythe Journey

a german man
for which a pattern 
of breathing was named 
breathing that is a reflex
which the body uses
to correct a sickness
at first shallow 
then deep and fast
a pair of men
which coined death breathing
breathing which in its 
irregular pattern
sometimes even stops
as death knocks
I am not a pillar physician
for which my breathing 
can be named
but what do I call
the breathing which
overtakes me when you near
no pattern at all in fact
sometimes I just forget
forget to take a breath
until my body realizes
I am starving and gasps
and even then I wince 
with each breath
as if all my energy
concentrated on loving you
burns away and my lungs
can't quite reserve 
enough to breath 
in the times you 
come close to me