shock shock shock

Written by: Blythe Journey

you were pink
talking and walking
gripping your chest
and as we gowned you 
did our test
you gasped 
before we finished
filling out our forms
pupils dilated
as life escaped
shock shock shock
we shocked you
your muscles froze
you gasped 
moaned at us "why?"
your heart came back
grabbing me by the sleeve
your fear gripped my throat 
like strong hands
i lied to you
"It will be okay, let us help you"
and i knew i was lying
and i watched you focus on me
only a moment 
 you saw my deceit
and you slipped 
out of the cracks in the walls
shock shock shock
you didn't feel these shocks
heap of flesh bounding upward
i knew you had escaped
i looked up to see 
if i could see you
drift away