gracie girl

Written by: Blythe Journey

Will you hug me Mom?

Oh yes, Gracie, so so tight.

Will you tickle me Mom?

Now and always I will.

Will you snuggle me?

I am the best snuggler Gracie girl.

Mom, can we read 2 books tonite?

Mom is tired, how about one.

I was a good girl, please read 2.

Gracie, one day Mom will be old.

3 like me, mom?

No baby, but maybe eighty three.

Gracie, will you hug me?

Tight tight tight, Mom.

My sweet girl, will you tickle me?

On your funny tummy, Mom.

Will you still snuggle me beautiful girl?

But you are the best snuggler, Mom.

How many books will you read me, Gracie?

Mom, if you are a good girl,
I will read you 2 books. 

Please don't forget me
when I am old my Gracie.

No Mom, when you are little and I
am big I will brush your hair.

Thank you Gracie girl.