Mystery Woman

Written by: Kim Hilliker

She's a woman of mystery
with a deep seated soul
You may try to understand her,
but you'll never know
She likes Deepok Chopra 
and girls' night out
She may get angry, but
she'll never pout
She'll show you she's witty, honest,
funny and fun
But, try to pin her down and 
like a cougar, she'll run
A corporate gal now helping
others find employment
She listens to music for centering
rather than enjoyment
She keeps her heart in the closet
where it's safe and secure
It'll peep out for a moment
but not for long be sure
She's strong both in mind
and spirit
She’ll admit she’s fragile, but
you’ll never hear it.
She’s loving in her strength, but
you may not see it
She’s kind in nature but
may never free it
Rational and sensible is what
she displays to the world
Her true emotions are hidden as 
they’re twisted and twirled
She’s running from something,
but she’ll never tell
She’ll convince you she’s happy
when she feels like hell
She’s my friend, I like her,
but I’ll never know
The true Rokeyai, and the
depths of her soul.