Written by: Cody Turner

Booga Booga Boo
I will say to you
On a dark hallows eve night
With a trick up my sleeve
And a treat in my bag
A great night for teasing and fright
With a mask on my face
To the door I will race
Only goblins and ghouls here tonight
With one simple throw
The owners will never know
Who threw toilet paper on there house last night
The pools will run red
While the dye is in my hand
If they want to catch me let em try
With eggs of joy
Through my arm they will deploy
As I send these little birdies in flight 
The Black cats will run
And the pumpkins will fall
If you don’t leave me candy
You will regret it most of all
The windows will be closed
And the doors will be locked
My paintball guns are ready
Ready to shoot loaded and Cocked