Let it Be Said

Written by: Kim Hilliker

Let it be said….
That you are you and only you; 
That you believe in yourself when others doubt you; 
That you waste not your time on the mingling of others’ affairs but on improving your own; 
That you speak your truth, and it’s clearly spoken; 
That you choose your friends wisely yet are congenial to all; 
That you’ll not pass judgment on others for we all have a story; 
That no matter how small the task, you will do it your best and no matter how great the results, you remain forever humble; 
That you’re not selfish with your knowledge because then it’s worth nothing; 
That you are proud but not too proud to admit when you’ve mistaken; 
That you don’t have all the answers but are always willing to learn; 
That you don’t act self-righteous but treat everyone equal; 
That you assist others in need and expect no compensation; 
That you respect yourself and therefore are respected in return. 
Let it be said about you, and may you say it about yourself.