A Moment Of Love

Written by: Jo Hayton

Don't want the night to end
Its already midnight
And your arms
Need to hold me more
My arms need to hold you
Into oblivion
Don't want reality
Not yet
Its too soon
Your kisses are still tender
Full of anticipation
What the next few minutes bring
Who can tell
I want to snuggle into this
Wrap myself up
In you and this night
An eternity would not
Be enough 
To trace every part
Of your beautiful skin
I look at you
If feels like for a second
But already an hour has gone
Always so against the clock
How many kisses can you give
Before cruelly you are forbidden
And the alarm calls time
I trace my finger tips
So gently over your lips
And place a kiss
An everlasting kiss
So filled with all I am
So filled with tears
So filled with missing you
So filled with stay with me
So filled with I love you
In this 
In this
In this
In this
Moment of Love