Written by: Donielle Smith

He's everything that a man could be and more
when it comes to him the heart adores
the love that he gives is like no one else that you know
his love together with yours is better than the winter's snow

There's no mistake about his love and feelings for you
he only wants to do what's right and make you more true
a good man is this you see
when he encourages he makes you feel like there's nothing

On earth you can't be
uponing seeing you he often cracks a smile
Being with him is always worth the while
he gently holds you tight in the middle of the night

This good man unlike others
will make sure that everything's alright
he gives you love that you just can't resist
a good man believe it or not

Will always exist
even when it's cold outside 
he will do his best to keep you warm
a good man will not cause arguments or bodily harm

My friend as the love of his life you are
a good man would not hesitate
in making you feel like a star
ladies you dream of him even in your sleep

A good man you will always strive to keep
remember that he's more than words can ever say
a good man no matter what
unlike others he will never go away