Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Written by: Donna Golden

My dear friends, bow not to the "father of lies"
He prowls as a lion...only in disguise
                    Waiting so patiently; hour by hour
                    Seeking the straying sheep he'll next devour
                                        He licks his vile lips in anticipation
                                        Hungering for the fallen of creation
Dripping as honey, one slathering falsehood
Can slide down as easily as the truth would
                    But soon in our sickness, we weaken and die
                    We curse at the heavens as we wonder why
                                        We've eaten of evil for too many years
                                        And fatally deconstruct from our own fears

Let us not give one more days' satisfaction
Instead let us purposely spring into action
                    We'll tackle that liar with Truth from our Father
                    And let Satan know that he just needn't bother
                                        Even within a most imperfect world
                                        We're stronger than anything that he can hurl

For weaker is he that would see our joy die
And greater the One who will come, by and by
                    To take home His children that stand 'til the last
                    That day, at His feet, our golden crowns we'll cast 
                                        As He wraps us up lovingly in His embrace
                                        We shall weep with joy when we meet face to face

So, dear friends, bow not to the "father of lies"
Just fight the good fight, keep your eyes on the prize