Written by: Grace EunSong Lee

That girl standing there
The wind pulling at her hair
A smile plastered to her face
One that looks so out of place

Who is she
What is this vague familiarity
Behind those cold eyes
Is there another that hides?

She's staring straight at me
I can't say who it might be
The mask she's wearing
A crust so wicked and daring

I want to run away
To a place where I can stay
Away from her lies
Where she can't take over my life

But when I keep staring at her
The daggers in her eyes stir
Yet I don't break my gaze
And she's jolted out of a daze

Then, through the broken veil
I glimpse the wounds she's trying to conceal
But even with one look I didn't miss
Beneath it all, who she really is

I try to tell her
Without words, soothe her
There's no one left to help her but me
To bring back the girl she used to be

I think she understands
This is her only chance
Her hands are timid but strong with the task
Slowly, steadily, she takes off her mask

She can smile, she still knows how
I'm holding on tight now
If I don't she might slip through my fingers
I lift up my hand and press it against hers

This is the way I dreamed it would be
That day when we could both be free
The real me, the real her
Smiling, I turn away from the mirror