Memories of Life

Written by: Ronald Bingham

It doesn’t take much to make me smile,
Little things to me have never quite gone out of style.
Simple things, like a child at play,
Are one of many, many things that can brighten my day.

Watching a dad teach his child to ride a bike,
Are indelible moments that I cherish and like,
What about a dog in a game of fetch?
Such delightful scenes as the puppy is anxious in this game of catch.

Seeing two young boys who have realized they have become the best of friends.
Brings back golden memories to a time I wish would never end.
Memories of life are like candles we relight every now and then,
They can brighten up our days and take us back to better times and places we’ve already 

When I feel low I just close my eyes and let God choose the page,
And start traveling back to happier times as the world becomes my stage.
Then I can face the world with renewed strength and added peace,
As each new day I try to add more memories so my happiness will never cease.