Oh purple

Written by: Gege Mar

Majesty, royalty
         such dignity, a rarity
Oh Purple,
         the color of 
               the sun, the moon, the stars
                     the fields, the granaries, the ponds,
                          the vast kitchen, the nanny, granola bars
[all under prune-tinted glasses of course] 
                             Wine, oh how fine!
                                Denatured alcohol, I lie supine!
                                     Yahoo messenger headings, nails, telephones
                                          the inside of my ear, candy, colognes!

                                                                      Oh Purple,
                                                           How I love you to death.

                             But how often do I revert to gloom,
             for all these things, are beyond my credit debt
                                         'tis the color of doom,
                                rich in meaning and hue.   
                               the color of my room.
a brooding cross between red and blue.