Under A Red & Rainless Sky

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

Unearth me,
I have lost myself to a scar of reckless love,
broken promises like chards of glass, sewing needles, 
shattered marbles, and open pins
weigh on my skin—
A rancid aftermath of skewed devotion;
I’m trapped an eternity below emotion.

Unearth me,
chisel my soul from a love that was totaling,
A love that sugar coated the grave
and blamed me for too sweet a taste,
A love of barren waste—
it extinguished every enchanted fairytale,
fastening my heart closed with a rusted nail.

Unearth me,
sift my confusion through your eyes,
dilute my anger with the moist of your lips;
graffiti my skin with prayers of trust;
grind my fear into a fine dust—
wrap me in the quilt of a ragged lullaby,
and bring me to life under a red and rainless sky.