Written by: Karla Null

I was sure I was dreaming,
I woke up in a meadow screaming,
then I found myself scheming

The craving hit me so fast,
I didn't think that it would last.
I never felt it in the past

I saw a cow chewing his cud,
it came upon me in a flood,
that what I wanted was, blood

I said, Mr. Cow, please don't flip,
with all that blood could I have a sip,
no need to worry, it's just a nip

He said, moo-ve over,
you're standing on my clover,
why not ask your dog, Rover

I said to Rover, come to me
he bared his teeth for me to see,
letting me know it couldn't be

Then I saw a black cat,
he said, here take my stinking rat
I told him I couldn't do that

Next I came upon a man,
he said his name was Dan
and I wasn't part of his plan

I showed him my eyes of fire,
he said, whatever you desire,
my thirsty little vampire.