Written by: Matt Doe

I woke today and saw that you were gone
Dont know if you were right i guess now I must have been wrong
Shaking my head in the mirror only thought is nevermind
You were my kryptonite 
I was your Superman

The faces in the street all look like the spit of you 
Long blonde hair bright blue eyes and the devil singing from your heart
As I keep walking I just hope these dreams subside
Your face a point blank range oh how i wish i died

Friends call me crazy 
How right they could be
I guess my mind should be
In a better place and time
With no conflicts of interests or tears of sorrow 
Am I back on solid ground

My world is rosey now 
I back to how I was 
The madness now burried on the dark side of the moon 
No need for phone booths 
No need for lois lane
Just me, myself, this player has returned to the game