Bernadette and Juliet

Written by: Gareth Heslop

Bernadette and Juliet

Alone, alone in her mind
as she sleeps comfortably
now alone permanently
as she drifts away un-noticed

Was it Bernadette or Juliet
that flew away
as the designer was given 
a one thousand gun salute

As the glittering buttons
of a non-existent dress
grabs many headlines
allows many excuses to forget

So the role models fling their false tears
not speaking to, not noticing
the unplanned photographers, 
Tv cameras that the PR people sent

As our models of hope 
are wrenched apart
their love still untouched
by the ravages of the real? world

And all that is left is a world
that can't look smart, that will find 
something else to pay ten grand for
in a world with one fewer true love's passion