Written by: Tom Barker

I feel the deciet from every breath that comes from your body.
Every word  only digs you deeper in the grave once you have dug 
for yourself.

As i play the part of the fool.
But on this drive togather it is you who are decived.
Your lies no longer grasp my heart.

The bardwire  no longer cuts my lips leaving the taste.
of blood in my mouth. 
For Like insect in a caccoon  my anger has transformed me
into another.

This new creature who only gains plessure through pain.
He thrives on anger and his thirst for revenge.
His smile to you is the warning  but as you continue
to decive  you only enrage him more.

He no longer cares forthe reason why its become a obesession to him.
The nights drive will prove fullfilling for one but not all.