Written by: Prince Freakasso

The creators handmaiden on an ass,
In modern world would look so crass.
Her trusted guardian by her side,
From kings and connivers she had to hide.
For place to rest they tried their best,
Carrying forward God's chosen test.
Across they saw a manger lay,
To the cattle inside no stranger they;
No moo,no bleat,not a single bray:
For these animals too,was a day to pray.
So small was this cherub at his time of birth,
Sent as the messiah,to heal this earth.
A shining star came into sight,
For the wisest of wise,a guiding light.
With gifts and treasures they did arrive,
To see the redeemer in a manger alive.
Healing those reeling and wracked with pain,
He brought succour to the believers,until was slain.
Although the world is on a massive divide,
Someday he'll return to be mans guide.
All those who made earth their Paradise,
Will surely be judged for their treacherous lies.

                                                   ---- Princefreakasso{Artist and Poet}