Just Me, Labeled Misery

Written by: Jay Smith

Whats wrong with me,
All of these questions, why can't you just let me be?

No I'm not fine,
My heart's been ripped and torn too many times.

Feel so dirty,
I can't cleanse myself of all this misery.

Feel so worthless,
I'm suicidal at worse and miserable at best.

So I like pain,
It's a physical loss but emotionally I gain.

I'm so sick of,
This jagged knife with a tag labeled love.

Cannot find peace,
In any thoughts or memories.

So I lie here,
Locked in my mind reality's my fear.

My blood is like a drug to me,
One sight can feel like fantasy,
Until my dream becomes my fear,
Then it all just becomes a nightmare.

So what if I hate,
The world and everything,
There's nothing wrong with me,
Theres something wrong with you.

You keep on asking me,
When are you gonna see,
That I don't wanna change,
This is just who I am.