With Knowledge, I soared

Written by: Rechelle A

I stand here filled with things to share,
'Cuz years have passed, now I'm aware,
That time was never spent in vain
With wisdom acquired and knowledge gained.

I've learned a lot, or so I thought,
Here, near and far, and from those who taught.
At home where I have said my rhymes,
At school where facts were memorized.

In places I have been I've learned,
Different cultures and gods, yet the world still turned.
In fields I've tried how grains are planted,
In cities discovered how machines are started.

I've met a lot, friends I have found,
Played music, toyed with all kinds of sounds,
And with each note sung, with each encounter,
I learned from it, I tried to remember.

And as I stand here I know know my life's not wasted,
Not ignorance, but each lesson tasted.
Education gained from the world I explored,
Success! Because with knowledge, I soared!