What We Lose

Written by: Hana Ryusaka

It was a simple night,

she suppressed her own mindset

plunging self-shackled feet into their thoughts,

their eyes,

their thought processes, hoping to retain

some semblance of solace in the familiar cold.

-Reality is an infectious disease-

What she allowed herself to notice,

swimming reluctantly through the back of her mind  

made her breath ice, searing

winter-stains on the autumn-edge of her lip.

Love shook the decent little girl

scraping by her parent’s esteem and

dreaming in the dark reaches of her existence

of a liberty that wouldn’t leave her screaming

on her knees for God to banish all the monsters

from her closet, and the putrescence

of the memories that colored the back of her eyelids.

Love took her by the hollow of her bruised chin

and melted her into an above

where stars lingered like fistfuls of berries in 

explosions of stratosphere, almost tangling with her hair.

She felt the world and all her dreams

slip quietly through her fingers,

so she held his that-much tighter

and left the ocean-echoes in the shell of herself


-she won’t care if they ever wake up-