Trust Me

Written by: Mary Nagy

What have I done to lose your trust? 
Can you please explain to me...
Why is it that you seem to think
I'm trying to break free? 

I don't yearn for my freedom.
I feel free in your arms.
Don't let those thoughts control you.
I'm aware of all lifes harms.

You'll never be forsaken.
I'll always remain true.
It hurts me when you don't believe...
I'm forever loving you. 

I feel the pain you're feeling
but, I am not to blame.
It's just jealous emotions.
I love you just the same.

I won't give in to jealousy.
You know me way too well.
My loyalty won't falter
surely you can tell.

You don't need to be worried
of things you cannot see.
You gained a wife forever
the day you married me.