My Un-Answered Prayer

Written by: Matt Doe

Time swallow the tears that still  fall from my heart 
Reliving the days since we`ve been apart
Still longing to hold you but still feel the air 
whats left can not be repaired 

You`d hold me and sware you would allways be there
Dance with me in the snow and the rain 
But you left and left me to  live with  this pain 
Frozen in time ruin of this world

Rain breaks the madness if just for a while 
My wounds wont heal until i can smile
Blood seething and creaping onto this picture frame
The ties that bind us all lies and the shame

The cold winds and storms fuel flames in my heart
Stupid and leathal is all that i feel 
Eyes no longer closed nothing more to fear 
Fallern like leaves in the autumn rain 

Please take these dreams away