So Many Ruined Lives

Written by: Ronald Bingham


His pride was ripped away,
Nothing he could do, nothing he could say.
And it tore at his very core,
The day she turned from him and walked out of the door.

She waited up this very night, like so many nights before,
For him to come staggering through their door.
A night out on the town was getting to be the norm these days,
And she was getting disgusted and tired of his drunken ways.

She tried to tell him but it did no good,
She had better luck talking to a rock or a piece of wood.
In his eyes he was doing no wrong,
Said it was a man thing and that was the name of that song.

Lonely nights and dining all alone at a table set for two,
She finally reached her breaking point and said no more, I’m through.
If only he knew for him the tears she cried,
Maybe he would have straightened up or at least maybe tried.

But a woman has limits just like a man,
And living with a drunk was not her plan.
She didn’t know what she was going to do or where she was going to go,
But alcohol, his new mistress had won the battle without a blow.