We Sisters Three

Written by: Kristy De La Keur Scoveille

We sisters three
Do so decree
That these men
Know their sin.

Reaz, you mortal Fool
Illy was your sacred Jewel.
How could you endlessly cheat 
And lead her on with such deceit?

We sisters three
Do so eloquently decree
That these foolish men
Never ever hurt again.

Lamar you are a lazy bum.
To crack you always succumb.
Leerie was a wonderful wife
Yet, your words wound like a knife.

We sisters three 
Do so powerfully decree
That these thoughtless men
Feel agonizing pain within.

Daniel the monster you are
Never saw Kristy as a star.
She was just someone to beat
Whenever you felt other defeat,

We sisters three
Do so expressly decree
These imprudent mortal fools
Learn a new set of rules.

We rhythmically dance and sway
While words of ancient knowledge do play
Powerfully upon our very lips
During the Lunar Eclipse.

Our wish we do so prayerfully want
Your dreams we shall constantly haunt
Until you learn that your evil deeds
Will never ever fruitfully succeed.