Death Distance

Written by: Rakib Uddin Ahmed

A pond is far away from a pond.
A river and a river-
The distance between them is not so fewer.
The distance between an ocean and an ocean is like the friendship,
Not so far-off.
Are we so? Aren’t we?

The Birth, the Death, the Time, and the Distance of Life
We do not know them.
There are thousands of identities at the means of our dealings.
Today, tomorrow and the past...
One day, we, all, are picture frame.
... Our memories are not frames,
They are the imaginary picture lines at the door of our hearts.
‘Love’ & ‘Loving’ are the two words 
They are the dreams of wisdom & accepting.
We have survived, so, we were lived.
We will have lived, because-
We are either someone or somebody of ours.
And, your birthday means to me-
I’ll remember you after Death.   


September 25, 2009 
Kallyanpur, Dhaka