Mustangs Are Born Free

Written by: Dorian Petersen Potter


Let wild horses run free 
In mountains let them be 
Release them let them go 
Stop killing these horses 
They are so scared you know 

Let wild horses run free 
Don't divide mom from baby 
Wild horses to be free 
Let them run in mountain 
Don't take freedom away 

Let wild horses run free 
Let's join voices help horses 
Take them where they belong 
They truly need our help 
Selling these horses wrong 

Let wild horses run free 
Since  small I love horses 
I grew up watch them grow 
Mustangs are beautiful 
They're unique smart you know. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 

September 24,2009 

To read more about these magnificent horses and I really 
hope that you do and can help them somehow to. 
Follow the link right here below.I got it from CNN.Thanks. 
I appreciate it, we all really need to advocate 
and do something about this very important 
and beautiful animals.