Written by: Prince Freakasso

I'm ensnared in cobwebs crocheted with time,
Prostrate on wild moss,lies my woman sublime;
Stupored with cannabis and some weed looks like slime:
Life seems in darkness,unfit for the swine;
Her eyes prismatic hues,are the enchanting clues;
These senses lie floating,on a pool of red wine.
Those bewitching lips wear a venetian look,
Got to savour them hook or by crook.
Contours of fullness one of a kind,
Inviting enough,to drive a hawk blind.
Behind the moons glow,stars hide courting in shadow;
Playing peeping Tom,Helios is waiting for morrow.
My desires in distress,this mind in a mess;
Oh beloved you've left me, without a caress.
A new dawn is breaking,another cocks waking:
With conciousness dawning,I'll surely wake shaking.
This terrible tease,had me truly stirred and mistaken,
Once in a while I guess,a mans got to be shaken.

                                             --- Princefreakasso
                                                 {Artist and Poet}