Brown Caterpillar

Written by: Corinne Curcio

Brown Caterpillar

Seated on a wooden bench
Enjoying the view overlooking Cherry Lane
I look down and notice
The undulating crawl
Of a brown caterpillar
Inching its way towards my feet

It disappears underneath my bench

I look up in time
To catch sight of a hawk
Sailing over tree tops in the distance
The maple to my right
Has a Northern Flicker visiting
And red berried bushes
(Don’t know the name)
Down below, are harvested 
By Robins
And is that a Kinglet?

Damn, wish I had my binoculars!

A peaceful blue sky day
With the last of the crickets
Gently chirping

I remember the caterpillar
And look under my bench
Nope, not there
Wonder where he is
I glance to my left
And there he is
Resting on my shoulder

Will his butterfly-ness
Be realized 
So he can flit away
Before the cold weather moves in? 

September 24, 2009