Writer's Block

Written by: Yoni Dvorkis

Start with a blueprint; what is there to say?
Draft a rough outline; the reader pulled to sway.

Spin the wheel of justice; today it lands on X.
(Corruption, greed, power, politics, faith, love, sex,
 war, law, economics, bleeding hearts of darkness).
Craft compelling stories sculpted in your likeness.

Engage the reader in furious debate:
What is truth,
When was time,
Why the life, 
Who lacks values,
Where the wild things are…within or without,
You decide.

The masterpiece awaits…
Speak your mind to the world.
Prove your devotion to the art.
Make it provocative, imaginative, a tour de force!

Your masterpiece awaits…
Pour your heart out in black and white.
Just touch the pen to the paper.