Written by: Dowell Oba

A searching mind searching still
In conflict with an antagonizing will
On a quest in possession of that
Sought seriously on a long lonely path.

Of an endless journey of adventure
Struggling on with the forces of nature
With daydreams storming on wearied mind
Giving false hopes of acquiring false find.

Summoning the glorious heavens above
Laying curses on prince of burning stove
Casting all hindrance and wands of evil
For holy guidance and damnation of evil

Rendered on fulfilment of awaited want
With much sacrifice portrayed on risky stunt
For mere proof of true honest dedication
Of a passionate heart deserving compassion.

In recognition of a long romantic yearning
Of a heroic quest of love, worth learning
For unimaginable is an awaited craving such
Moving such unimaginable heights of rush

In avoidance of delay in losing my desire
Of maintaining a beautiful angel, worth aspire.