Where darkness shines

Written by: DIVINE LIFE

Here I stand wondering if I’ll get somewhere with this life.In this darkness is there a way out 
safe not hurt,will I ever learn to be what I'm, not what you want me to be. Do I have what it 
takes to survive in this world? Do I have a heart or I'm i just like you, live just to die with 
nothing left. I'm I a human or something out of  our imagination. Can I handle this pain 
killing me here this pain so deep, I’ll never get out what I call my black hole. Do people see 
my pain can people see that I'm wearing a mask not to protect me but you. Can people see 
that I'm dieing inside! That I'm screaming. Please wont you listen to this heart in pain?My 
soul is numb. I'm I different not the same is that why I get this loneliness. My world call the 
world of destruction. Do you dare to enter? You talk not listen, are you there. What people 
hate is what I like. What keeps me going is knowing it’s alright. No! The truth is it’s not alright
I live in a world with lies & death. My oxygen is running low. Can't breathe! Is my blood 
pumping? Did you leave me here to die? Please no more lies, no more cuts & stab to this 
heart. Would you stop the bleeding. Matter of fact just leave the rest. Just stop beating the 
heart. Stop controlling my mind. Please just leave. I can hold so much. I over did it.
Now I'm done.
Have I fail the test?