Written by: Bruno Simmons

The tears that I ‘ve shed have run
a long and winding course. The
hurt amazing, the memory aching,
at times, as if no recourse.

Your memory stayed, an
unwelcome burden laying on me,
like a stone. Too many lonely nights
crying and alone.

My hope tossed, left behind the day
you walked away. Your memory
beautiful but painful, refusing to fade.

I’ ve faded to black, I live in violence and
remembering. My fist my outlet to try and blur 
a memory.

Pain and tears live with me like a lover. I
await the day, when you are no longer 

Oh to move on with my life.. to simply forget.
I dream of death, to forget all regret.

I love you as if yesterday we had shared a kiss.
I hate my stubborn heart; you I still miss.