Written by: Ed Coet

Just an ol' Tom Cat
dirty orange in color,
Rummaging like a rat
through filth and squalor

Painfully moving with an obvious limp
and a single eye from which to glimpse.
Orange cat advanced with a hesitant skimp;
so sorrowful a cat I haven't seen since.

Confused and frightened
I could sense his pain.
Sorrowful and disheartened
He began to fain.

Without value or worth,
abandoned and alone,
he searched from birth
trying to find a home.

Such a dreadful place
to see suffering like that,
in the trash and waste
where I found orange cat.

He struggled with broken limb
and to not ease his strain
would have been a sin
for anyone who could help him.

Giving him worth and value
I cuddled him in my lap,
providing affection anew,
he loved me for that.

After a hard fought struggle
he died that night.
In the warmth of a cuddle
he ended his plight.